Belgian Beer Brands In India

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Belgian Beer Brands In India. Top 10 best beer brands in india kingfisher. Two belgian beer companies are setting foot in india, looking to sell premium beer in a country where the per capita consumption is negligi.

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Featuring next among the top 10 beer brands in india is the lager beer brand of budweiser, which is manufactured by a brazilian belgian company called anheuser busch in bev and dates back to 1876. A plethora of the usual suspects thrown in with a lot of solid performers as well as some obscure gems. According to a pti report:

It is made up with rice and barley malt.

Quite the sophisticated brew, this belgian pilsner is pretty expensive and notoriously absent from most beer stores and bars across the country. They have become synonymous with belgian beer as a whole. With a blend of wheat, barley, aromatic hops, curaçao orange peels, coriander seeds (for a hint of spice), this might as well be the most delicious beer you could've tasted. Heineken is a popular international beer brand now available in india.