Concrete Kitchen Floor Uk

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Concrete Kitchen Floor Uk. Which type of coating is chosen will depend on the intended use of the floor. If your concrete floor needs to be reinforced (in areas which are likely to be heavily loaded, such as garages), then a metal mesh standing on plastic feet will be put down before the concrete is poured.


Introducing the industrial look into a kitchen is easy. I'd like to lay a concrete floor in a basement room, the room is approx 14m2. The builder that we have used to this point quoted £2800, this was broken down as £2000 labour, and £800 for materials.

With the trend for open plan living and large seamless spaces becoming more mainstream we also have a range of kitchen floor tiles perfect for adapting to this new spacious aesthetic.

We have just finished a project in north london where the entire ground floor of the renovated house is polished concrete along with the kitchen is not straightforward to achieve the level of finish desired, with a great deal of effort (and dust) created along the way, however, the end result is superb and has a feel of a monolithic. Once the concrete has been levelled and has set, the insulation will go down (if it didn’t go down before). But it isn’t cheap, and it can cause additional problems such as raising the floor level too much. Senso develops kitchen floors exactly the way you want them to be.