German Beer Brands List

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German Beer Brands List. German beer is inarguably one of the most famous staples of german culture, way up there with sauerkraut, cakes, automotive engineering and wearing socks and sandals.(sorry for that.) but have you ever asked yourself how many german beers there are? Heineken is one of the best beer's in canada.

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It’s generally agreed that pilsner is the most popular style of beer in germany. Number 1 is alexander keith. According to some sources, there are more than 7800 (!) different beers from more than 1400 breweries all over germany.

These are the perfect beers to fill your pints and steins and chug down, waiting and ready for october to roll around.germany's 1,200 breweries produce over 5,000 differing brews, and are unmatched in the entire world.

However, newer, more crafty microbreweries such as brlo and vagabund are popping up in the capital. Number 1 is alexander keith. 10 best german beers that celebrate the country’s finest brews. German beer is so special because of a little thing called reinheitsgebot.